Initiatives from our congregation, for our city, in our church. 

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Because we believe the church is the Body of Christ, expressing the heart of God to the surrounding world, we envision a future where the doors of our church are open to Brooklyn throughout the week, helping meet the needs of our city.  Beginning in late 2016, we raised funds from within our community, challenged our congregants to dream of unique expressions of the Kingdom of God that could occupy our church building, and about 6 months later, Community Renewal Projects were born.

Single Moms of Brooklyn was dreamed up, developed, and funded from within our congregation.  It represents the first of many beautiful initiatives for joining God’s renewing work in Brooklyn.


Led by Jazmin Andujar

To empower and inspire single mothers in the community by providing emotional support and resources.

Meeting the first three Thursdays of the month from September 12, 2019 - June 18, 2020.

Please sign up below if you are a Single Mom interested in attending or if you would like to lead a session with the mom.  At this time, we have enough volunteers to serve with the kids on Thursday nights through 2019.


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