Justice & Mercy Partners

We seek to come alongside local organizations that are serving those in need, specifically in the areas identified by our congregation as being of particular interest or particular need: homelessness, fair housing, food insecurity, youth activities, adult education and employment, care for the elderly, neighborhood integration, Puerto Rico restoration, and immigrant rights.

To get involved, we recommend engaging in four ways:

Our hope is that everyone who regularly attends TGC Williamsburg would be serving our city in some way at least once a month. Many of our partners can use volunteers, and we encourage you to dedicate some time to showing up and sharing your time with these organizations we believe in.

Is there an organization or two that is working on something you are passionate about? Nonprofits require financial support to carry out their missions. Consider donating to on of our partners to invest in their efforts.

Keep Up With Our Partners
Follow them on social media channels & sign up for their newsletters. Even if you cannot attend events or participate in calls-to-action, awareness is a big deal. You can also share opportunities with friends you think might be interested!

As a church that believes in intercession, pray for both the organizations and the folks they serve. We want to see renewal in North Brooklyn, meaning justice & compassion for every one, an honoring of the imago dei in each of our neighbors. Pray for justice & reconciliation.

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Meet Our Partners

Image courtesy of North Brooklyn Angels

Image courtesy of North Brooklyn Angels

North Brooklyn Angels

Area: Food Insecurity
Good For:
Anyone! Opportunities on weekdays and weekends. No commitment required.
Church Contact:
Holly Dowell, deacon of Justice & Mercy

North Brooklyn Angels is a grassroots group of neighbors helping neighbors with challenge faced in our community. They run the Angelmobile, a mobile food truck that serves hot lunch 5 days a week at various locations around the neighborhood. Meals are prepared at the Mt Carmel Parish Hall. Volunteers prep, cook, and serve lunches.

Serving with North Brooklyn Angels: What To Expect
Sign up for Saturday afternoons here & weekday opportunities on the Deed app.

Photo courtesy of Simon Morris

Photo courtesy of Simon Morris


Area: Homelessness
Good For:
Anyone with free time on Saturday mornings. No commitment required.
Church Contact:
Simon Morris, TGC Williamsburg elder

TGC Williamsburg leads a morning worship service at the Bowery Mission, one of NY's oldest homeless shelters. The Bowery Mission provides three free meals a day, and prior to each one they put on a service in their historic chapel, run by different churches from across the city. During the service we worship alongside the community there, pray for, and get to know the folks who attend.

Serving with The Bowery Mission: What to Expect
7 AM on the first Saturday of every month


Area: Immigrant Rights
Good For:
Anyone! Opportunities on weekdays & on Tuesday nights.
Church Contact:
Carlos Rosado, deacon of Justice & Mercy.

The New Sanctuary Coalition is an immigrant's rights organization based in New York City comprised of an interfaith network of congregations, organizations, and individuals standing publicly in solidarity with families and communities resisting detention and deportation. Volunteers can attend accompaniment training then come alongside people during hearings and check-ins. Other opportunities like case workshopping and letter writing also available.

Serving with NSC: Sign up for a training here

Rikers Debate Project

Area: Adult Education & Employment
Good For:
People who can make a regular commitment; Saturdays (11:30 AM - 2:30 PM or 1:00 - 4:00 PM)
Church Contact:
Cara Thurman, deacon of Justice & Mercy

The Rikers Debate Project (RDP) teaches competitive debate skills — including communication, conflict resolution, and public citizenship — to students held in Rikers Island jail. A criminal record makes it hard to find a job, and communication skills are invaluable to overcoming this challenge. Volunteers do not need to have any previous debate experience to help facilitate these classes. Sign up here.

Serving with RDP: What to Expect


Area: Adult Education & Employment; Youth Activities
Good For:
Anyone! There are a variety of opportunities available.
Church Contact:
Holly Dowell, deacon of Justice & Mercy

The original branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, built in 1903, Williamsburgh Library serves as a community education center with access to books, computers, and classes for everyone in the community. Volunteers can teach classes, help with after-school tutoring, do storytelling, and many other opportunities.

Serving with Williamsburgh Library: Apply to volunteer here. Particular need for after-school tutors.

North BRooklyn NEighbors

Area: Environmental Justice
Good For:
Anyone with interest in advocacy & ad hoc availability
Church Contact:
Debbie Maciel, deacon of Justice & Mercy

North Brooklyn Neighbors is a grassroots nonprofit organization serving Greenpoint and Williamsburg to advance community-based solutions around environmental justice with a priority focus on land use, public space, resiliency, and environmental health.

Serving with NBN: Sign up for the email list & follow on social media

Photo courtesy of St. Nicks Alliance

Photo courtesy of St. Nicks Alliance


Area: Youth Activities; Care for the Elderly
Good For:
Anyone with ad hoc availability
Church Contact:
Carlos Rosado, deacon of Justice & Mercy

St. Nicks Alliance is a community development organization in North Brooklyn focused on serving low and middle income families in the neighborhood. Offering an array of services from elder care to youth programming, St. Nicks seeks to cultivate a community where everyone can thrive. Volunteers will be called on to help with community events, data collection for advocacy, senior care, and and allyship at marches.

Serving with St. Nicks Alliance: Sign up for the email list & follow on social media


Area: Housing Justice
Church Contact:
Mariya Abdulkaf, deacon of Justice & Mercy

JustFix provides digital services to New Yorkers in neglectful housing situations and the housing advocates who support them. Volunteers help canvas neighborhoods to connect tenants with services and offer resources.

Serving with JustFix: Sign up for the email list and we'll keep you updated

Additional Causes & Resources

Supporting International Efforts


El Departamento De La Comida
Area: Puerto Rico Restoration

El Departamento Del La Comida is working on food justice and restoration in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Former TGC member, Kieran Murray, is currently living in Puerto Rico and working with the organization. Follow along on social media (IG: @eldepartamentodelafood) & support their Patreon.

nomi network.jpg

Nomi Network

Nomi Network is an economic development agency fighting human trafficking in India and Cambodia by providing training and job opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking, workforce and community development services. Former TGC member, Jasmine Summers, currently lives and works with Nomi Network in Cambodia. Donate here and follow Jasmine (IG: @missjazz_mine).


Caring for the Immigrant

We seek to stand in solidarity and extend compassion to the immigrant families who are arriving at our border and living among us. The news about the treatment of asylum-seekers continues to break our hearts. Families are being separated and detained individuals are treated inhumanely, sometimes even dangerously. We know that God calls us to care for the immigrant, to acknowledge the Imago Dei in every single person. For those who feel called to respond to this situation, we have compiled a list of resources to help you stay informed & know where to direct your energy.