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Job Title: Building Coordinator

Job Type: Part-time (10-15 hrs/week, flexible times)

Salary: $15/hr

Reports to: Ministry Coordinator

Job Summary: The building coordinator of Trinity Grace Church Williamsburg would be responsible for the day to day dealings of the building. The coordinator would have a weekly task list, while also dealing with needed repairs, working with current vendors and finding new vendors to handle all tasks. The building coordinator will be the point of contact for all other building users throughout the week should they need assistance with the building.

See the Full Job Description here. Email resume and references to Meg Jacobs.



Job Title: Student Gathering Coordinator

Job Type: Unpaid internship

Reports to: Ministry Coordinator

Job Summary: The Gathering Coordinator will attend all TGC Worship gatherings, helping to manage the Sunday experience from the back half of the room (everything except what’s happening on stage.) This includes overseeing set-up and tear down for anything happening off-stage. You’ll work closely with our A/V and hospitality teams, as well as joining staff meetings to prepare for Sundays. You will attend all additional Sunday meetings (Basics, Covenant Community, etc) and assist with all coordination.

This position is seasonal for the 2019-2020 year. Availability between Sept 1-Dec 31, Jan 1-Easter, Easter-June 30, July 1-Aug 31.

Email resume and references to Meg Jacobs.