Practices Surpass Values

Too often “values” are just a list of ideas we like. They have no rootedness in our everyday lives and end up being nice aspirations we hope to live up to someday. Our actual values are revealed by what we do. So we don’t ascribe to ideas, we embody practices. Practices root us in our everyday relationships and responsibilities in Christ.

Our practices reveal our pillars

We want to covenant ourselves to a set of practices that embody and demonstrate our church’s three pillars. This is a pathway of practice for discipleship.

The way of discipleship at our church includes three things: gathering on Sundays, participating in a Community Group with a Core Group, and living your everyday life for the renewal of the city.

Sunday Gatherings

We believe that Sunday is an opportunity to experience formative encounter with God. This is by the practices of hearing the Gospel preached and the Scriptures explained, and tasting the presence of God at the table and in the person of the Holy Spirit. We believe God meets and ministers to us through these practices, in unique ways when we are gathered together. This is the first step on the pathway.

Community Groups

Community Groups are the next step on the pathway. We see our Community Groups as hospitable places of intentional discipleship. You'll share a meal and engage in practice-based spiritual formation. We open up our Community Groups three times a year so that relationships of depth can happen. The best way to actually get to know others is by being on the same journey together as pilgrim community. After you’ve attended a Community Group for a Trimester or two you’ll likely have a few relationships of depth. The next step on the pathway is identifying 3-4 others and beginning a Core Group with them. This smaller, more intimate community allows space to practice gratitude, confession, life rhythms, and intercessory prayer.

For the Renewal of the City

We recognize that being formed into Jesus while having no time to actually live like Jesus outside of church events is pointless. So our pathway is designed to disciple and empower you for everyday life, not replace everyday life. Discipleship will transform the way you view your vocation and engage your workplace. It will change your relationships and your heart for your neighbors. This is the invitation to merciful presence. True discipleship creates a life that looks like Jesus, and Jesus lived his life for the sake of others. This step on the pathway finds joy among “the least of these,” which may include serving alongside our Justice and Mercy Partners or Community Renewal Projects: Foster Parents Night Off or Single Moms of Brooklyn.