MARRIAGE workshops and mentoring


In an age where the fragility of marriage increases daily, we seek to support members of our church family who are committed to building healthy, Christ-centered marriages that serve the larger body. If you are engaged or considering marriage, we want to support you along your journey.

We partner with LifePlanNYC, a life planning and relationship coaching firm led by Chanel Dokun. Chanel is trained in marriage and family therapy and facilitates amazing Plan for Marriage Group Workshops. Please check back for the next workshop.

We also know that one-on-one time with another married couple can be an invaluable resource to prepare you for marriage. Marriage Mentorship is a six week program that partners you and your fiancé with a married couple from our church who will explore areas of marriage including conflict resolution, communication and merging finances. Couples should contact us six months before the wedding if interested in going through Marriage Mentorship. Cost is $200 per couple and is based on the availability of the mentors.

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