LENT 2017

By the fourth century the Western church had determined that the Lenten period of fasting and renewal should correspond to Christ’s forty-day fast in the wilderness(Matthew 4). At one time Lent was primarily viewed as a period during which converts prepared for baptism on Easter Sunday, but later the season became a time of prayer, fasting, self- examination, and repentance for all Christians. As a community, we are called to renew our commitments and faith as we continually acknowledge our need of God’s transforming presence with us. You are invited to join us on this 40 day journey - the observance of Lent, by self-examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self-denial; and by reading and meditating on God's holy Word. Below you will find the various services we are hosting throughout Lent.



Ash Wednesday begins the church season of Lent. It allows time for us to remember our own impermanence, and in doing so, to long for the God who defeated death in Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us in worship and receiving ashes. Services at 6pm and 7:30pm at 231 Ainslie.

Please arrive on time, and note that there will be childcare at the 6pm service only.


Tent of Meeting is an evening of alternative worship themed around the church calendar when we sing, pray, receive the Eucharist, and allow space for God to speak. Each gathering lasts about an hour, but people are encouraged to linger as long as they like in God's presence. This Tent of Meeting will begin with a day long communal fast, broken by receiving Holy Communion together.

Francis Bacon, 'Crucifixion' 1933

Francis Bacon, 'Crucifixion' 1933

GOOD Friday | April 14

Good Friday marks the paradox of our faith. The community of God celebrate the funeral of God. Join us we commemorate the crucifixion of our Lord, remembering the great sufferings of Jesus for our sake. A Tenebrae service of music, Scripture, and contemplation will take place at 7pm.

Please arrive on time.

Michael D. O'Brien, 'Jesus Laid in the Tomb' 2009

Michael D. O'Brien, 'Jesus Laid in the Tomb' 2009


More info coming soon.

EASTER SUNDAY | april 16

The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of the Christian faith. We gather on Easter to celebrate the victorious work of Jesus over sin and death. He is risen, He is risen indeed!

April 16. Service times TBA.


Welcome to Living Words, the Lenten poetry practice of Trinity Grace Church in Williamsburg and Chelsea. The idea is to write a poem a day for the 40 days of Lent; treating poetry as a creative, devotional practice facilitating encounter with God.  Below you will be able to read some of the poems and listen to a few songs written from within our churches. More content will be added each week as Lent progresses. You are encouraged to spend time with these poems and songs, viewing them as vulnerable offerings to God and our community.


From dust and breath,
from bone--

I consider my body:
each hair accounted
and dominioned.

I am skin holding muscle
holding tendon
holding bone, until

I unclasp

On a cold day
I watch a sparrow root
and bathe
in the dust, preening
his dull brown feathers--

his oily black beak rubs his wing,
his arched pinions, the silhouette of a crown.

I wonder--
How many sparrows
can perch on the body?

And from the deep, answers

- Karen Chien


See the mountains patiently arising
Every earthly age but as a breath
See the waters mightily imposing
Every movement bringing life and death
What am I?
What am I?

See the cosmos endlessly expanding
Every second further out of reach
See the creatures, man and beast, enduring
Every one a story incomplete
What am I?
What am I?

Yet God is mindful of me
He thought it good to be like me
He pledged His whole and perfect self
to ever know and love me

- Matt Bittner


Great Father of the Universe
Stooping down, bowing low,
On hands and knees in earth and dirt
Gathering in the cup of His hand the dust from which to form
The object of His affection.

Great Artist of the Universe
Passion-filled, dream-consumed
To fashion, like Himself, mankind.
In boundless measure His strength, His sweat pours out to shape
The triumph of His creation.

Great Lover of the Universe
Cradling hope, breathing life,
This kiss to warm, to animate
Intoxicates with Holy breath
the vessel now divinely formed
From dirt to glorious beloved one.

- Gemma Ryan






Blessed are those who hunger and thirst

Hungry, hungry are the people
The body knows it first
Crave apple
or arrival
or the touch of a hand.
The child, seeing light in a midnight crib, whispers:
“Tell me what you remember.
I’m afraid I already forget.”

I heard it said of Hades
That its trees grow lustrous fruit
And the sound of rivers gurgling
Call the thirsty
Eyes engorged by sight of
Dripping pulp
Lips parched from
many miles, no water
Lowering them to drink, to feast
Where cool water hoped to be
Salt brine and vinegar
Flow as from a crypt
And desperate fingers turning to the trees
Rip fruit that burn to ashes on their tongue.

Hungry, hungry are the people

I heard it said of Heav’n
Rather my soul sought
Of a green land,
               white wind
               and peace.

All of us beloved, all fed
The pressure passing,
The pleasure freed,
Can we speak of this without pain?
Our eyes hide from the brightness of the
Piercing Son.
No black skin fearing break of steel
No pale hand clutching pale defense
All beloved, all fed
Imago Dei, at last.

Hungry, hungry are the people
And those of us between
The cry for Heav’n
And the fretful taste of Hell
See glimpses, each of us,
Take nightfall by the arm
Turn to morning.
Hungry, thirsty for righteousness
Too quick to trust a damning word
Too soon to draw our comfort from the lost
See heav’n in a woman’s face
Hell in a broken promise.
a word we do not understand
But seek it, as if engraved within us
By a hand we have forgotten
Not far off, not near
And waiting
for all to be beloved, all fed.

- M.J. Eden


On the bookshelf
in the section of books
collected purely for their spines,
that is to say, their titles,
there's one wrapped in black linen
and quite small in gold letters implores
'Love Let Me Not Hunger.'
One can't help but wonder
what the rest of the book might say
that the title did not already.

But maybe Love,
let me hunger a little.
Maybe let me hunger a lot.
Love let me hunger to remember fullness.
Love let me hunger till my appetite
is ripe. And perfect.
Love let me hunger for more
than I can imagine consuming.
For more than these rags and fragments.
Love let me hunger entirely beyond
myself into a land overflowing.
Love let me hunger to recognize
a greater hunger. Love,
let it be the undercurrent of my days,
a reminder as pervasive and persistent,
until it is ingrained, until it is second
nature, or, just nature. As true and present
and as close as my very cells imploring
Love, let me hunger.

- Shiman Shan

An Offering

For everything I've ever thought
about death
I have nothing to offer you.
No predictions, no promises,
no experience.

Yes, I've got some ideas
about darkness without darkness,
silence without silence,
and sleep without sleeping.
Nothing to offer you.

- Jeffrey Aiken