The Deacons' Fund

The generosity of the church has always been felt in shared, communal support to meet practical needs that arise within the church (Acts 2:45, 4:35). The generosity of the church community should be felt, tangibly, by those within the church community.  One of the most practical ways we are able to be the church together is to bear one another’s burdens, stepping in to provide help in times of need. The Deacons' Fund provides not only crisis care, but the type of holistic support that enables those in our church to build sustainable lives amidst the daily trials of urban living.

We hope to meet the needs of underemployment, legal help, and health issues and counseling, while also providing funds for rent, food, and utilities. We also provide care around deaths and births of loved ones.

The Deacons' Fund is for those in need in our church community. To request assistance, please submit the short application below to our deacons.

Financial Counseling

The financial counseling ministry exists to encourage and equip those in our New York City church community to discover the freedom and joy that come from applying Kingdom principles to our personal finances. We offer our services to churches around the city who may be interested in having their parishioners work with a counselor and attend workshops, or for their staff and lay leaders to receive trainings. Trainings and workshops can be done at your location or in our space in Williamsburg.

All meetings, trainings and workshops are done by Meg Jacobs. For more information and pricing details, please email Meg.

Meeting with a counselor

When you go through the one-on-one counseling process, you will learn how to create a budget and get guidance and accountability in preparing and implementing your budget, devise a plan to get out of debt and better steward your resources through Christ-centered budgeting, giving and saving.

  1. First Meeting: Introductory meeting to hear your story and to review the counseling process. 45 minutes
  2. Second Meeting (two weeks later): Review your current financial data, define your short-term and long-term financial goals. 2 hours
  3. Third Meeting (one month later): Help you implement your custom financial plan. 1 hour
  4. Fourth Meeting (one month later): Email check in 15 minutes
  5. Fifth Meeting (one month later): In person or phone call meeting to review plan and update as needed. 1 hour

5 hours of one-on-one counseling: $200.  (If not in the NYC area, all meetings can take place over iChat or Skype.)


Starting your own Financial Counseling Ministry (8 hour training)     

  • counselor training for up to 15 attendees
  • includes follow up meeting with counselors to set ministry in motion and plan for the next ministry season

Benevolence: How to Ensure There are no Needy Within (4 hour training) 

  • what services to provide
  • how to train your staff/lay leaders to meet with congregants
  • how to determine need of congregants 
  • how to establish partnership with service providers
  • how to fund-raise to build resources


All workshops run four hours and have a 20 person minimum attendance requirement. $20/per attendee. Discounted price for groups over 20.

  • Stewardship 101: Basic budgeting principles. Participants leave with a clear path to achieve financial goals
  • Getting out of debt. For those who have serious debt and need a plan to get out
  • A Generous Lifestyle. We are called to give with a generous heart. For those who are in good financial standing and wish to learn more about giving out of a place of abundance

*The financial counseling ministry is a biblically-based service offered to our church community. We do not provide in-depth financial advisement or expert guidance on long-term investments.


Recommended reading on financial management:

  • Financial Peace, Dave Ramsey
  • Money, Possessions and Eternity, Randy Alcorn
  • Neither Poverty Nor Riches, Craig Blomberg
  • Sound Mind Investing, Austin Pryor
  • Your Money Counts, Howard Dayton