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"The world will know you are my disciples by how you love one another."

The Christmas Offering is an annual tradition at Trinity Grace Church — our yearly opportunity to be generous beyond regular giving, with a focus on meeting needs in our church community, our city, and across the world.

This year, our goal was to raise $45,000 for our initiatives: the Deacons' Fund, the Justice Fund and expanding our Children's Ministry. As of Jan 1, we have raised over $52,000! Thank you to everyone who has given an invested in these initiatives for 2018.

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Giving Progress
$52,565 / $45,000 goal


The generosity of the church has always been felt in shared, communal support to meet practical needs that arise within the church (Acts 2:45, 4:35). The generosity of the church community should be felt, tangibly, by those within the church community.

Last year, we raised $7,500 toward this fund.  Under the stewardship of our Generosity Deacons, those funds were distributed to meet the needs that arose in our congregation in 2017—funeral expenses, marriage and family counseling, depression and suicide prevention counseling, and covering rent that prevented homelessness.

This year, we are raising $15,000 toward this fund to meet the needs of our growing congregation.  These funds will be set aside and used exclusively for the purpose of meeting emergency financial needs from within our congregation under the stewardship of our Generosity Deacons.


Justice and Mercy, specifically toward the most apparent needs and vulnerable populations in Brooklyn, has always been at the very heart of our church.  We endeavor to be a people expressing the character of Jesus and Kingdom of God through our presence in this city.

Last year, we raised $7,500 to fund our existing justice and mercy ministries and additional funding to start Community Renewal Projects, which are justice and mercy ministries dreamed up and run by lay people within our congregation.  In 2017, we founded in-house Foster Care training and certification classes, a Single Moms' Support Group, and a Yoga for the Community outreach.  Each of these has grown into ongoing sustainability and will continue in 2017.

This year, we are raising $15,000 toward this fund.  That fund will allow us to continue our current justice and mercy ministries (Brooklyn Feasts, Justice & Mercy Partnerships) as well as start 1-2 additional Community Renewal Projects.  Our ultimate vision is to have our church doors open 7 days a week, providing services to the most vulnerable in our borough, a living picture of the Kingdom of God, expressed in various forms, every day of the week.


We endeavor to be a church spanning generations.  Our children’s ministry has recently outgrown our three small classrooms, presenting an exciting sign and a unique challenge.  Additionally, we would like to allot more resources to provide a Children’s Ministry experience that truly partners with families in loving, raising, and discipling the children of TGC Williamsburg.  

In the next year, we will fund a new children’s ministry space, equipment and supplies to make that space safe and adapted to our children, and fund ongoing production of curriculum.