2nd annual Chili Cook-Off: January 28, 6 p.m. 

As a church determined to love on our neighborhood, we put on Brooklyn Feasts several times a year that are free and open to anyone, inspired by the Matthew 22 parable. Each time our doors are open in this way, we get a beautiful picture of the reconciliation, joy, and hospitality of heaven!  Join us for our next Brooklyn Feast on January 28th at 6pm here at the church.  It will be a Chili Cook-Off, and yes, there will be prizes! To pull of a banquet of this magnitude requires a team effort. There are many ways you can help.


CHILI: We're doing this potluck-style. Everyone who is participating in the cook-off will bring their own chili, enough for 8 servings.

Entries need to be at the church no later than 5:30 PM the evening of the feast.

SIDES: Chili is only as good as its toppings, so if you just want to eat, bring cheese, sour cream, onions, Fritos (they're delicious!) or any other topping you wish to share.

DRINKS OR CUPS: What'll we wash it down with? Whatever you sign up to bring! Cider, lemonade, soda, Capri-Suns. (All non-alcoholic, please.) Cups or ice would also be appreciated!


If you are not a chef, there are still plenty of ways to serve.

OUTREACH: One of the best parts of the wedding parable in Matthew is 22 is the part when the host literally says: go out into the streets and invite everyone! That's the role of our outreach team. There will be times the weekend before, and both Saturday and Sunday the weekend of the feast to canvas the neighborhood and invite people to come join our merriment. 

CONNECTIONS: We want every person who comes to the feast to be overwhelmed by how welcome they feel! The connections team is all about greeting the people who come through our doors and making sure that everyone feels seen & heard by facilitating conversations. Additionally, this team will have information on hand to share with anyone who wants to know more about our church & programs (like the Community Renewal Projects!). 

PHOTOGRAPHY: We would love to have some photos taken at the event! 

TEAR DOWN: In stewarding our church space that we are so lucky to have, we need people to come at the end of the feast to help restore order. After the feast ends at 8 p.m., it usually only takes 20 minutes, and often feast-goers pitch in, too! If you are a power sweeper, super chair stacker, or supremely awesome at doing dishes, we want you!